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2012 Post Conference Highlights

The 93rd Annual MCWD Conference titled Healthy Ministry in a Hyper-Changed World was held May 22-24, 2012 at the Indian Wells Resort in the Palm Springs area.

Featured speaker was Dr. Larry Osborne, Sermon & Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA since 1980. He has helped oversee the growth of the church from a fledgling group meeting in a rented school to a multi-site ministry that reaches approximately 7,000 in weekend attendance.

Larry has authored several books dealing with church leadership and spiritual formation.  Two of his books: Sticky Church and Spirituality for the Rest of Us: A Down to Earth Guide to Knowing God were offered at conference.

In addition to being an adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Seminary, he travels extensively speaking at conferences and mentoring pastors and church planters across the country.  Larry also led an informal Q & A Workshop on Wednesday that was invaluable for those wanting to glean more insights and have answers to their questions.

Excerpts from his messages are in the Len’s THOTS section.  Be sure to listen to ALL Three Sessions & the entire MP3 audio of Larry’s messages:

Rounding out the conference personnel were Russ Freshwater, Worship Pastor at North Coast Church (NCC) and The Edge Band.  Russ leads a Worship Team made up of staff and volunteers that serve on 1 of 14 bands that lead the weekly congregations at NCC.

Toby Lazo, MCWD Hispanic Ministries Director led a special session for our district Hispanic pastors.  In addition, DS Mike Livingston led our business meeting on Wednesday morning focusing on the Five Passions of the District with interviews of MCI President Bill Hossler and Church Planting Pastor Chris Fukunaga of A Village Community in Long Beach.

Congratulations to Chris Fukunaga, A Village Community—Super Grand Prize Winner of a new IPAD!  Gerald Brown, Phelan Community Church—Grand Prize Winner of a 4 day/3 night Luxury Vacation Home in the Big Bear area and Toby Lazo, Casa de Dios—Poolside Banquet Winner of a Weekend Getaway in a guest suite at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel!

Special thanks…to our workshop leaders: Paul Madson, Robert Klamser, and Attorney Mike Bishay for sharing their time and expertise.

We would also like to compliment and give recognition for the exceptional talents and many man-hours of our Tech Team: Jim Firth (Tech Director), Jeff Foss (Audio/Visual/Lighting Specialist), and Canaan Yee (Tech Support).

Thank you to Shelly D. Yee (Conference Event Planner) and Mary Ellen Dolbier (District Office Administrator) and the countless hours of conference support and prep!

Kudos to the entire SPT/District Conference Team who are already planning next year’s conference, May 21-23, 2013!

Conference Audio Sessions & Books Resources:

Len’s Thots:
Excerpts from Larry Osborne’s messages at District Conference…

Message 1: Intro (Thrust: Necessity of changing expectations and structures)

Excellence is no longer the highest value in our culture (as it was in the 70’s – 80’s).

Two keys to community in our culture are authenticity (real) and care (what are you doing for somebody else?).

What traditions, policies, sacred cows are you holding on to?

What would we (you) do differently if we (you) were starting over?

We need to let young eagles fly because they were made to fly.
Message 2: Why Some Teams Win and Most Don’t (Thrust: contrasting winning teams with losing teams).

Winning Teams have winning players, Losing Teams have good players.

There are two top derailment factors in Losing Teams: poor relational skills and inability to adapt.

Winning Teams guard the gate, Losing Teams let anyone in.

Never ignore the lack of character because of the abundance of giftedness.

Never ignore the lack of people skills because of Bible knowledge.

Winning Teams make unity a priority, Losing Teams make unity an afterthought.

Winning Teams focus on mission, Losing Teams focus on success.

Winning Teams adapt for the future, Losing Teams long for the past.

Message 3: Discipleship’s Dirty Little Secret –based on Joseph of Arimathea (Thrust: Though we are to raise up leaders we are to love struggling followers).

Our culture is marked by a busy and complex time.  People will give you two major time slots…People will choose what they want rather than what they need.  Don’t offer so much that you compete with what people really need.

Don’t confuse discipleship with leadership…Today we desecrate “Consumer Christians, Cultural Christians.”  There is chocolate canned arrogance based on gift projection i.e. everybody should be like me or will be when they grow up (attitude and message of public/celebrity Christian leaders).  Consequently we have a church full of folks who feel guilty or fake it.

Our job as pastors is to encourage the weak, the back of the line and the “not ready” folks.

The ultimate mark of discipleship is obedience to what we know—not everything.

Spiritual growth is not a linear process.  Our journeys differ…one size doesn’t fit all.  What works for me is not to be a rule for you.

When Spiritual Tools become rules they produce pride.  Help people experiment with the tools so they can discern the ones that help them.

If my definition of spirituality is out of whack for the regular guy, then it is out of line with Jesus.