Sabbatical Info

Sabbatical Info


DTS – Successful Sabbatical Brochure
Helpful Hints for a Successful Sabbatical Brochure by DTS.  The Office of Alumni and Church Relations at Dallas Seminary is committed to the sabbatical concept and stands ready to help you pursue God’s provision for rest. This brochure provides resources to help you plan and implement a successful sabbatical. The following pages address definitions, needs and benefits, planning, implementation, and a sample sabbatical policy.

EFCA – Sabbatical Policy for Pastors
Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Sabbatical Policy brochure for Pastors developed by the Northern Plains District.

LHCC – Sabbatical Policy
Lake Hills Community Church (LHCC) developed a policy regarding Sabbaticals.  Includes why a sabbatical, preparing a policy, and sample sabbatical policy. 3 pages.

MCWD Pastoral Sabbatical Proposal
Former MCWD Pastoral Sabbatical Proposal submitted to his congregation and the Western District.  Includes: Intention, congregational involvement, accountability, reading list, conferences & seminars, and pulpit schedule.

Need a Sabbatical – DTS article
Need a Sabbatical?  DTS Connection Article…practical insights regarding a pastor’s sabbatical experience.

Sabbatical Grant for Pastoral Leaders Proposal
A sample proposal for a sabbatical grant: includes theme, rationale, plan, benefit, timeline, and other areas.

Sabbatical Policy for Pastors – EFC
The Church and Pastoral Care (Sabbatical Policy for Pastors) 2 pages from Evangelical Free Church.

Sample- Proposal for Sabbatical
Sample proposal for Sabbatical: outlining the need due to normal stress associated with ministry. 2 pages