Empowering LEADERS

Empowering LEADERS

“The number one limiting factor in reaching the harvest is leadership. The future of the church is in its leaders. Any church multiplication movement that wants to multiply churches must also find a way to multiply leaders, for it will quickly run out of existing, ready-to-go leaders. Creating solid, reproducible methods for raising up indigenous leaders from the harvest will feed and sustain a church multiplication movement.”

– Bob Logan
Be Fruitful and Multiply

We are all about empowering leaders. We don’t train up leaders in the church for ministry in the church. We train up leaders through the church for the world.

We are passionate about leader development at every level of the organization. We help our family of churches identify their leadership engine and then multiply leaders with intention and focus.

For too long churches have struggled to have enough leaders to accomplish the mission. This is no longer the case. We are raising up and empowering an abundance of leaders who are proven multipliers – developing their own leadership capacity and also the capacity of leaders around them.

This is what spiritual leaders do. They grow personally and grow leaders around them.

We provide mentoring, training, coaching, resourcing and assessing to raise up men and women who model godly character, live out biblical convictions, demonstrate ministry competency, and develop leaders who love and lead like Jesus.

Church Leadership Institute

The Church Leadership Institute was originally started to facilitate those who are in the process of or have been credentialed with a Specialized License but do not meet the minimum educational requirements for licensing. The Institute offers seminary level courses and has been approved by the Western Region Oversight Council.