Kingdom Matters – Regional Leadership Conference 2020

Kingdom Matters – Regional Leadership Conference 2020

Kingdom Matters:
MCWR Regional Leadership Conference 2020

Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” (Mt 6:33). And “Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom” (Mt 9:35). When Jesus sent out His disciples, He instructed them, “And as you go preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’” (Mt 9:7). Throughout the Gospels, we see this emphasis on the kingdom of God! As followers of Jesus Christ, we belong to the kingdom of God. We are kingdom citizens! And we are children of the King! Kingdom Matters!

Our mission as a region is to engage, develop and empower leaders for kingdom movement! Our focus is not simply growing our own local churches – we are exalting the King and proclaiming the kingdom together!

Kingdom Matters!

For the past six months, we have prayerfully been preparing for our 101st Regional Conference. We created a conference focused on this theme to encourage and strengthen our pastors and leaders. Yet, in light of the current pandemic, we have made some strategic changes to our Regional Leadership Conference. It is still going to happen!! But it will look a bit different…

Kingdom Matters will now be a

As most of our churches have switched their Sunday gatherings to livestream video, we are embracing this opportunity to stream our conference to your church or home. If the “stay-at-home” order is lifted by May 19, we envision 50+ micro-sites around the region where pastors, leaders, elders, volunteers, and delegates gather in their local church context to join the event. If the “stay-at-home” order is not lifted by May 19, we expect you to stay home and join via your personal computer or device.

We will be offering all our sessions through Zoom live streaming! We are currently in the process of organizing everything virtually. To make this happen, we are introducing a NEW CONFERENCE APP which will allow you to connect with all the other conference attenders, engage in our Community Bulletin Board, access speaker’s notes and relevant articles, schedule meet-ups, share your contact information, upload photos, and more!

You will receive the link to download the CONFERENCE APP after you register. This will allow all of us to connect both before and during the conference, as well as provide the schedule and links to access the livestream sessions.

And here’s more good news – because the conference is moving online, our costs have dropped significantly. The registration fee is now only $59/person. This is a great opportunity to invite more leaders to join us! (Plus we know that eliminating travel expenses will really bless many of our churches right now).

Kingdom Matters Conference LiveStream

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

8:00am – 5:00pm PST

You’ll experience…

  • 3 Sessions with our Keynote Speakers – Rick, Tom and Keith (see below)
  • 9 TED Talks with MCWR Pastors and Friends (Ed, Chris, Gary, Ken, Scott + more)
  • Breakout Discussion Groups
  • Over a dozen Lunch Meet-ups
  • Inspiring Worship and Communion
  • Plus: Conference-in-a-Box Resources mailed to you!
  • Bonus: Access to Workshop Webinar Train-Ups following the conference

What all this means is… you can still register for the conference!

You won’t want to miss our 101st Regional Conference.

Join us as we lead our churches together into our second century!



BONUS: Workshop Train-Ups

Although we are not able to fit the workshops into our new ONE-DAY LIVESTREAM schedule, we are offering all of our workshops as Webinars in the weeks following the conference! For those who register for the conference, the workshops include:

  • “Tactics” by Jon Noyes
  • “Booting Up Your Church’s OS” by Mike Somers
  • “Developing Volunteers” by Tyler Groenink
  • “Cultivating Your Prayer Ministry” by Tom Swank
  • “The Power of Your Leadership Voice” by Scott Grabendike
  • “Empower Anyone…Anywhere” by Tim Roehl
  • “Mentoring” by Jose Mendez (Spanish)
  • “Revitalizing Your Church” by Ken Priddy
  • “Equipping Parents to Raise Godly Children who Pursue Purity” by Ed Schutte
  • “The Peak Performance Pastor: How to Get the Godly Best Out of Yourself” by Gary Chupik

If you pay for multiple people at once, please complete a registration form for each individual (after payment).

Need a partial scholarship for the conference?

You can apply for a scholarship to attend this year’s conference. Pastors and leaders are eligible for a partial scholarship based on need. Here’s the link.

At first, when I thought about a virtual conference, I felt a certain discouragement because we would not all be together to connect, encourage, challenge, support and pray with one another! However, as we explored the development of a Conference App – and the potential of 50+ micro-sites all over the region, I began to sense that we have the opportunity to actually double the number of people who attend our conference! The cost is affordable – the location is geographically close to everyone (even in your own home) – and our capacity is limitless.

I long to engage, develop and empower leaders for kingdom movement. I am thrilled at this opportunity to provide connection, training, and encouragement in ONE DAY. I hope you will invite 10+ pastors, leaders and friends to join us!

~ Dave DeVries, MCWR Regional Director