New churches reach new people with the gospel message of salvation through faith in Jesus.

Currently in the US there are not enough churches. We are committed to starting new church families anywhere and everywhere we can. We want to start churches in as many languages as we can and in as many homes, restaurants, schools, bars, and businesses that we possibly can.

We are starting churches that reach the 30% of the population who are familiar with church and churches that reach the 70% of the population who are disinterested in church altogether. We recognize there are a few people in every neighborhood who would come to church if invited by a friend – and at the same time, the majority of people who live near our churches choose to never visit a weekend worship service.

We believe it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. This is why we are starting daughter churches, organic churches, purpose-driven churches, house churches, traditional churches, micro churches, and more.

We have developed fruitful practices that help churches through each season of growth and development. We assess, train, coach, credential, fund, encourage and strengthen church planters resulting in healthy, multiplying churches.

Our churches network and partner together to provide support and resources to church planting teams.

Church Planting

Our focus is multiplying disciples, leaders, churches and networks throughout the Missionary Church Western Region. For the past several years we have intensified our efforts to see more of our churches and church plants actually making disciples who make disciples. We are thrilled to come alongside our pastors and church planters to train and coach them to do this effectively.